Puppy Information

At Macumazahn, the aim is to breed healthy top quality dogs that can be part of your family for 10 plus years.   To do this, I have spent many years researching, watching and selecting, sound healthy parents that are true to type with super temperaments.  Just because a dog is a top show dog or have a title, doesn’t necessarily make it a good breeding prospect – in my opinion 🙂

All breeding stock are health checked and are hip & elbow x-rayed/scored, DM tested, Heart Certified by Cardiologist.  I breed within the rules of Dogs SA and the guidelines of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of SA Inc.

My puppies are raised in a  loving, clean, home environment with plenty of handling, exposure to day-to-day living and socialisation.  House training starts as soon as they begin to walk!

Macumazahn puppies are :-

  1. Checked for dermoid sinus from birth to 8wks of age
  2. Wormed regularly
  3. Fed a mixture of quality fresh food & super premium dry food
  4. Vet checked at 6wks of age
  5. Vaccinated & micro chipped at 6wks
  6. Most of all,  they are part of the family and cherished.

Macumazahn puppies go home with :-

  1. My comprehensive information folder which includes a brief history lesson of the breed, general care, feeding, training, copies of parents’ hip & elbow x-ray score sheet and other health checks & pedigree, vaccination certificate, lifetime subscription to microchip organisation, book list, dog obedience club list, poisonous plants & foods list and much much more!
  2. Photographs of your puppy from birth through to 8wks of age on USB
  3. Dogs SA registration papers
  4. Blanket – complete with the mother’s & siblings smells to help settle your puppy into their new environment
  5. Quality slip lead
  6. Toys, pig’s ear & liver treats to start your reward training
  7. 20kg bag of super premium puppy food
  8. Lifetime support from me – anytime night or day I’m only a phone call away!